Educação Geral

Como uma das questões mais debatidas no projecto é o papel da Educação Geral aqui ficam alguns exemplos concretos deste tipo de programas em várias Universidades:

    Harvard core curriculum - o programa actual de educação geral da Faculdade de Artes e Ciências de Harvard;

    - O core curriculum de Harvard tem como objectivo:

    The philosophy of the Core Curriculum rests on the conviction that every Harvard graduate should be broadly educated, as well as trained in a particular academic specialty or concentration. It assumes that students need some guidance in achieving this goal, and that the faculty has an obligation to direct them toward the knowledge, intellectual skills, and habits of thought that are the hallmarks of educated men and women.

    Os estudantes são obrigados a escolher disciplinas das seguintes áreas:

  • Foreign Cultures - exemplos: 12. Sources of Indian Civilization, 22a. La critique sociale à travers l’humour, 35. Barcelona y la modernidad, 48. The Cultural Revolution
  • Historical Study - exemplos: 12. International Conflict and Cooperation in the Modern World, 13. China: Traditions and Transformations, 19. The Renaissance in Florence
  • Literature and Arts - exemplos: 16. Lives Ruined by Literature: The Theme of Reading in the Novel, 26. Dante’s Divine Comedy and Its World, 51. Virgil: Poetry and Reception, 170a). The Art of Film, 34. Frank Lloyd Wright and the Modern City and Suburb
  • Moral Reasoning - exemplos: 22. Justice, 28. Ethics and International Relations , 54. “If There is No God, All is Permitted”: Theism and Moral Reasoning, 56. Self, Freedom, and Existence, 168. Kant’s Ethical Theory
  • Quantitative Reasoning - exemplos: 20. Computers and Computing, 22. Deductive Logic, 28. The Magic of Numbers, 32. Uncertainty and Statistical Reasoning, 48. Bits
  • Science - exemplos: 29. The Nature of Light and Matter, 36. Observing the Sun and the Stars, 39. Time, 45. Reality Physics, 50. Invisible Worlds: Micro- and Nanothings. Science, Technology, and Public Policy
  • Social Analysis - exemplos: 10. Principles of Economics, 34. Knowledge of Language, 43. Psychological Trauma, 76. Global Health Challenges

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